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Is Snapchat for College Professors? Surprising Snapchat Uses

academic uses of snapchat

Snapchat captions are fun and exciting, but we’re not here to talk about the captions but more about the app itself.

If you’re a college student following the latest Snapchat news, you might have discovered some surprising facts about the app and its features.

If you are still wondering about what Snapchat is all about, this article will give you insights into its use by colleges worldwide.

Is it Ok for college professors to Snapchat student?


Social media has become a tool for teachers to connect with their students and share information about what is happening in the world.

This can help students learn how to be more informed citizens of our world.

If there is a high level of respect, it is ok for a college professor to Snapchat his/her students. It is right as long as he can reach out to students in any way that does not put them on the spot and embarrass them.

However, you cannot use social media to find out information about your students or connect with them outside of class, even if it is intended as a friendship. There are several reasons why this is not OK:

1) You can’t use social media this way because it puts your students at risk of being targeted by predators (on any platform).

2) You’re not supposed to use social media in this way because you have an ethical obligation to protect their privacy and confidentiality (both on campus and off).

3) You can’t do this because it’s illegal under FERPA, which protects the privacy of student records.

How can Teachers use Snapchat for Educational purposes

1. Social Media Experiments

Experiments with Snapchat are an easy way to get students engaged and interested in something they might not have thought much about otherwise.

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They can use Snapchat to create conversations with their friends and family members, leading to deeper discussions about current events or any other topic that interests them.

In addition, Teachers can use Snapchat to have fun with their students, but they also have some serious educational benefits.

Here are some ways teachers can use Snapchat for educational purposes:

-Set up an account for students who don’t have one yet – This will help them get involved in class discussions and become active learners. It might also encourage them to want to learn more about this new technology!

-Hold class Q&A sessions – Have students ask questions about anything from their daily lives to what you teach them in your class.

They can even ask questions about other classes or subjects at school. You could even make a video of a student asking his or her question so everyone can see how it goes!

-Have students submit questions for you – If there’s something they want more information on, have them submit a question on Snapchat so you can answer it quickly! You could even make a video showing the question so everyone could see how it looked when you answered.

2. To Gather Research Data

Teachers can use Snapchat to gather research data. For example, suppose you teach about the role of the media in society. In that case, you could ask students to submit short stories or articles from various news sources on their favorite media.

You could also ask them to share their opinions by sending them messages through the app. This will allow you to understand better how your students view the role of media in society and what they believe is important about it.

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3. Send Messages

The Snapchat app also has a lot of benefits for students who want to learn new things and for teachers who want to improve their teaching skills.

For example, suppose a teacher wants to give her students extra homework. In that case, she can go on Snapchat and ask them questions related to the topic of the homework they have been given by their teacher so that they can discuss it with each other and share their ideas.

This way, she/he will be able to understand better what her students are interested in doing and what they need help with most for them to succeed in their studies or any other field of life, whether it be school or workplace, etc.,

4. Create a Classroom Library

Teachers can create a “library” on Snapchat with resources they want students to access. This could include books, movies, songs, and websites relevant to the coursework or curriculum.

Students can then view these materials through the app’s search function and download them as desired.

Reasons why Snapchat is not Academically Friendly


Snapchat is not academically friendly because it is addictive and has a lot of content that can be inappropriate for some people.

Also, Snapchat users always share videos and photos with their friends, which sometimes leads to them not paying attention in class. Snapchat also has many filters, so it can take a long time to find the perfect filter for your picture.

social media addiction

Because Snapchat doesn’t allow you to save any photos or videos, you need to take as many as possible at once, or else you won’t be able to look back on them later.

This can make it difficult for students who have homework or projects due and don’t have time to spend hours uploading and editing photos daily.

No Age Verification

First, Snapchat has no way of knowing if the user is, in fact, a student or an adult. It also doesn’t provide any information about the user’s age, meaning it is impossible to know if they are under 18 or over 18.

More importantly, this makes Snapchat an unsafe platform for students with younger siblings or parents who may be worried about their safety.

Again, since Snapchat does not have any age verification features, anyone can sign up and use the app without verifying their age.

Also, this makes it easy for older students to stay on top of what their younger peers do on Snapchat without getting caught up in rumors or gossiping about them with friends and classmates.

Impact of Snapchat on Students

Curated content

The content on Snapchat is more curated, meaning that students get to see various things. For example, the Snapchat app will automatically add the most popular stories from your friends with many followers.

This means that students can see not only their friends’ life stories but also what other students are doing and talking about.

Easier connection

Another impact of using Snapchat is that it allows students to keep in touch with friends throughout the day without constantly texting or calling each other.

Students can send pictures and videos of their day as they go along without waiting until later in the day when they have more time.

This makes it easier for them to connect and keep in contact with friends while they are busy doing something else, such as homework or chores around the house.


online predators

Snapchat allows students to easily connect with people they don’t know by creating a Snapchat account, which can lead them into dangerous situations.

For example, if you’re at a party and someone asks you for your phone number, and you give it out without thinking twice, then that person could contact you through Snapchat or other apps later on down the road.

You wouldn’t know who they were or how they got your number — but that’s exactly how predators work!


Snapchat has impacted students’ mental health because it has allowed them to communicate in a more secure environment than they would have previously had access to if they were not using Snapchat.

Snapchat is a social media application that allows users to send photos and videos that are only visible for a few seconds.

It can be used by students and teachers alike. However, students are more likely to use it for cyberbullying, harassment, and other forms of abuse.