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Creative Ideas and Resource for Better Learning

Creative Ideas and Resources for Better Learning

Learnog is a resource for creative learning ideas and educational tips for all. Welcome for refreshing guides and tips for better learning. We are a website that gives you the latest news about education and all related fields.

As an educational website, we have a large collection of articles written by experts who have been writing for many years. Our content is updated regularly so that you can stay up to date with everything in the world of education. Therefore, Learnog is committed to being an educational blog and will endeavor to offer high-quality content that is relevant to the current educational scene and interests. We also seek to be informative and entertaining at the same time. This is a resource for educational tips and creative learning ideas for all. Welcome here for refreshing guides for better learning.

Here are some of our latest informational articles
Respect in class: How to earn Students and Teachers’ Respect
Respect is a vital part of the learning environment in the classroom. Respect is a feeling of concern for the ...
Professor-Student Relationships
Professor-Student Relationships: Ethics and How to Relate with Students
The professor-student relationship is one of the greatest relationships you will ever have. There is a lot of confusion about ...
Essay Writing
How to Write a Good Essay: 7-step full Guide with examples
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How Long to Study for MCAT, GRE, SIE, ISAT and other courses
The MCAT, GRE and SIE will be the major deciding factors in your admissions decision. But that doesn't mean you ...
Writing a Research Paper
Can an Essay or Research Paper be written in First Person
In research writing, there has been a huge debate among scholars, professors, and students in regard to the use of ...
Why People Like Maths
Why People like Maths: Tips to Study love and self-study Maths
Mathematics is a subject that people either love or love to hate. There are books about it, classes about it, ...

Why we are a good Resource for Better Learning

You will love this website based on the content you will find and the amount of time we have put into each of the pages. Our focus is to serve all those who would like to know more about learning and all the related fields. The website has different sections that are structured into categories. These categories have different contents based on the educational sphere we are teaching about.

As a result of different categories of blogs, serves all people and users in the educational and learning space. Whether you are an educator or a learner, you will find a vast number of pages helpful.

Students will get the best learning guides, study tips, and educational ideas for their studies. They will get informational guides to teach them how to write and how to become better academic writers. They will also get valuable guidance on how to manage their time and homework for better performance at school.

Moreover, Learnog has a category of advising students on different courses in school and college. We review different courses, their requirements, and the ways students can excel. Also, we have content from teachers on how to approach these courses and help students learn better.

School life and college life are a big part of students, teachers, professors, and learners. This is why Learnog has a vibrant section with articles on how learners and educators can make their school life better. From how to manage time, to making friends to maintaining good values.