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Can I get Double Graduation? How to Ace 2 Double Majors


Being a student can be hard work. You study for hours and hours, trying to get the highest possible grades so you can graduate on time, take your bar exam and land a great job.

The good news is that you can ace both majors at once with no problem with some extra work and dedication. This article will help you accomplish this feat by providing specific tips.

What is Double Graduation? 

 Double graduation is a unique approach to giving students another opportunity to earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a single program. A double degree program enables students to complete both undergraduate and graduate degrees within ten years, typically the span of most undergraduate degrees. 


The experience is similar to returning to school, but instead of taking classes at one institution, you will attend both universities simultaneously.

The benefits of double graduation include the following:

• Students can earn two degrees in just a few years

• Students can get an advanced degree faster than they could if they attended school for only one year

• Students can study full-time while working part-time or during evenings and weekends

• Students can take advantage of online learning options that allow them to study from anywhere in the world at any time

Can I get Double Graduation?

The process for getting two degrees at once varies from school to school. Some schools require you to complete all your coursework and requirements for both majors before receiving your degree. Other schools will allow you to submit an application and pay the fee for both degrees.

You can get double graduation if your first degree is from an accredited institution. If you want to get double graduation, it’s better to do your first degree from an accredited institution. You should also consider taking courses to get additional knowledge about the industry or field you want to work in.

Difference between Dual Degrees vs Double Major

A dual degree program combines two graduate degrees from different disciplines. The most common example is a joint MD/MBA program, where students receive both an MD and MBA on the same campus. On the other hand, a double major is a more flexible option for students who want to pursue two majors within the same college or university but are not interested in earning a second Ph.D. or MD/MBA. 

In these cases, students can choose to focus on two separate majors within their chosen field of study, such as political science and economics or environmental sciences and biology.

  • Dual degrees allow students to complete two bachelor’s degrees at once. The first degree is usually in a field of study related to their major (e.g., math for a student majoring in mathematics). The second degree is also related to their major, but it is more focused on another subject matter (e.g., history for a student majoring in history).
  • A double major allows students to pursue two different majors within the same degree program, such as an English and history double major. This degree can help students gain valuable experience while pursuing their main academic goals.

 How to handle Double Degree Course

A double degree program is a course you undertake to gain a second bachelor’s or master’s degree. As with any other degree, there are different types of double-degree courses. Some of these include:

Double major courses – where you complete one major within your first year and then complete another major in the second year (e.g., double minors), or vice versa (e.g., double majors).

Double honors courses – where you simultaneously complete two degrees – an undergraduate and postgraduate degree (e.g., a Bachelor of Arts with Honors).

Double Graduation

Double degrees – where you complete two undergraduate degrees simultaneously (e.g., Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science). 

Here are some tips on how to handle a double-degree course:

1. Make sure that both degrees were studied in the same field so that they can be combined into one form and then presented together at job interviews or scholarship applications.

2. You need to ensure that both degrees are related to each other so there will be no confusion about which is more important than the other when looking at your resume or CV (curriculum vitae).

3. You will need to study in the same way as if you were going for two separate degrees. This means that you’ll take the same number of units and complete your course requirements simultaneously as your friends who are studying for their degrees.

Common Double Major degree Courses to Explore

The most common double major degree courses allow students to explore a wide range of topics and get the best possible exposure to different fields of study.

Students may choose double majors in either business or liberal arts. In addition, many other combinations are well worth exploring. This makes your graduation event more important and good to attend.

1. Double Major in Business

Students who are interested in business can select from many different fields within the field of business. These include accounting, finance, marketing, management, and more. Some of these courses may be offered through the business school, but others will be offered at other schools throughout the university system.

2. Double Major in Liberal Arts

Liberal arts degrees are becoming increasingly popular with students who want to pursue both a career and an academic education at the same time. 

While liberal arts degrees don’t usually lead directly into law or medical school (although some do), they give you a broad background in many areas, including history, literature, philosophy, and more. 

You will also get valuable experience interacting with people from all walks of life on campus and being exposed to new ideas and perspectives that can lead you down new paths later in life when you’re looking for career opportunities outside. 

3. Mathematics 

 Mathematics can help students become more analytical thinkers who can solve problems using their minds instead of relying on trial-and-error methods. It also helps them understand abstract concepts such as ratios and algebraic equations, which are essential for many fields of study today.

4. Science 

Double Graduation

Science courses teach students about topics such as anatomy, physiology, biology, and physics, among others.

They also help students become more aware of environmental issues that affect them daily, such as global warming or deforestation caused by global warming caused by deforestation caused.

Is a Dual Degree Worth it? 

If you are considering a dual degree, you might wonder if it is worth the time and money to get two degrees from one school. The short answer is yes — but there are some things to consider before deciding.

A dual degree is worth it because the course gives you more options when choosing a career path. For example, if you become an English major with a double major in philosophy, it will be easier for you to pursue a job in law or business because those fields require knowledge of both subjects.

Additionally, having multiple majors or minors can help you develop skills and expertise that will be valuable in the workplace.

For example, if you have an English major with a minor in accounting or economics, it may make sense for your career path if you want to work as an accountant or economist.

Another potential benefit is that it can give students with difficulty juggling multiple classes more time to study instead of commuting daily.

For example, if a student has only 20 hours each week for studying due to other commitments at home or outside of school, then taking two classes per semester may not be possible without sacrificing other activities such as extracurriculars.

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