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Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

Interpretation and Definitions

When we capitalize the initial word, the meaning changes under certain conditions. The definition shall carry the same meaning irrespective of whether that appears in plural or singular. 


Here are our simple defections of these terms and conditions: 

  • Affiliate: Could mean an entity to control. Affiliate marketing programs allow you to earn commissions by referring people who sign up for e-commerce. 
  • Company: It refers to Learnog. We can also refer to it as “Us,” “We,” and “Our.”
  • Device:  Mean anything that you can use to access our service. For that reason, it could be a digital tablet, a cell phone, or a computer. 
  • Service: This intentionally means our blog.
  • Third-Party social media service: Means any content or services such as products, information, or data that the third party provided. 
  • Terms and Conditions:  Talks about the specific rules and regulations that form part of the agreement between the company and “You “concerning the use of our service. 
  • You: May refer to the specific person who is accessing our service. Also, it could be the service or the company that is accessing the service as applicable. 


The role of the terms and conditions is to give directions on how to use our service that works between the Company and You. Furthermore, these terms and conditions will lay bare your rights concerning how you use the service. 

The good news is that you can access the service once you accept the requirements of working within those terms and conditions. One thing for sure is that the said terms and conditions apply to all users and other visitors that use or access our service. 

If you disagree with any term or condition of our service, you may not access our service. For instance, you must be over 18 because the terms do not allow underage users. 

Once you accept our terms and conditions, you also comply with our company’s privacy policy. 

Our privacy policy shows the procedures and policies on using, collecting, and disclosing your personal information, and you access our website. Before using our website, please read our privacy policy carefully. 

Links to Other Websites 

Our websites contain links to other websites or third-party services that are not under our services’ control. 

For instance, the company lacks no control over third-party websites or blogs. It does not take responsibility for any practices, content, and privacy policies of these third-party websites. 

To that effect, the company will not be liable or responsible, whether indirectly or directly, for any loss or damage caused by the use of any content or services on such websites. 


We can suspend or terminate your access instantly, without prior notice, if you breach our terms of conditions. Your right to use our service will end instantly upon termination. 

Limitation and Liability

Under the guidance of the law, the company may be liable for any consequential damages, including loss of data, profit, and business interruption in connection with any provision of our terms. 


The company, with service providers and respective licensors, disclaims all warranties concerning our service. The company will provide a warranty that meets your requirements. 

Governing Law

The governing laws of the nation should be the basis of governing these terms and conditions. The way we apply these rules should the subject to international, national, state, and local laws. 

Severability and Waiver

Severability: If our terms and conditions are invalid, we can alter them to suit our mutual needs. We can interpret them to enforce the objectives of the related provisions under the applicable law. However, we will enforce the remaining provisions to the effect.  

Waiver: We issue waivers in line with our terms and provisions. Ensure you read our policies for better understanding and avoid misunderstandings. 

Changes to Terms and Conditions

We have a singular duty to change our terms and conditions at any time. Suppose we revise our terms and conditions successfully; we will notify our clients 30 days before enforcing new terms. 

The provision of the new changes is our sole discretion. If you continue using our service after the said revisions become active, you must agree for the said terms to affect you.  However, you can stop using our website and services if you disagree with the new clauses in our terms. Check our About Us and know more.