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Are Internships for Students only? How to get as non-student


The notion that internships are only for students is not true. The main role of internships is to help interns gain experience in their respective careers. This article looks into details of whether internships should only be for students and how nonstudents can get internships

Are Internships only for Students?

Internships are not only for students but also for everyone interested in improving their experience. Graduates and non-students can also work as interns to gain experience in their careers and improve their skills. Everyone, whether students or not want to build their resume through internship opportunities.

Internships for Students

The main difference is that students can take unpaid internships while nonstudents have to negotiate for paid internships. 

Even if one has a full-time job, there are part-time internship opportunities that can be chosen without affecting their normal work schedule.

Therefore, anyone can get an internship if they apply for it and fit the description that different companies are looking for

Importance of Internships for Students only

Internships are important for you as a student because of the following reasons:

1. Practicing classroom knowledge

All the knowledge and skills that you acquired from the classroom are integrated into a real work environment through internships. What you know is put into practice and you get to determine what you have learned that does not apply to the work you are doing.

Above all, you get to know how to do the job properly and learn new things. For example, you familiarize yourself with the work environment and explore your career more. This way you get to decide whether you made the correct career choice or not. 

2. Expanding network

As a student, you do not know a lot of people in your profession. Through internships, you get to know different people who can guide you in your career path.

Also, you get to meet people from different backgrounds and learn from their experiences. Through meetings and conferences, you exchange knowledge and ideas with professionals.

The network you create during the internship can help you leverage your career in the future when you get stuck or act as stepping stone in your career. 

3. Enhancing Employability

Internships can easily turn into full-time jobs after you graduate if you impressed your supervisors and other seniors in the organization.

This means that they were satisfied with your performance and are willing to incorporate you into the system. Your employability is enhanced by internships because you get to show your talents and skills which are then incorporated into your resume.

Through guidance from the experienced people in the internship organization, you get to perfect your skills hence increasing demand in specific areas that a job role demands

4. Nurturing confidence

Your confidence is nurtured during internships because you get to practice your skills in an environment that is not as stressful as a full-time job.


The expectation of the organizations, your supervisors, and school professors is that you are learning during the internship. Therefore, you should not feel any pressure to perform.

This should relieve any kind of stress and give you the confidence to develop your abilities.

Through this, you will know your strength and weaknesses which will benefit you when the time comes to get a permanent job. 

5. Gaining a competitive edge

In the current world, the job market is very competitive. There are people that will be applying for the same role as you in the future.

Therefore, you will need something that will separate you from them. through a proper internship, you will have gained skills and experience that can help employers pick you out from a bunch of other competitors.

Also, good comments from the organization and your institution regarding the internship can give you an edge over others. 

Are there Internships for Non-students?

There are internships for non-students. The assumption that internships are only for college kids is misleading because anyone who is changing a profession may require an internship to be oriented in all activities that entail the new work.

Even if one has many years of experience in previous work, one may need an internship to learn about a new occupation.

The difference between these internships and the students’ ones is that you will need to convince a company to hire you.

Non-student interns unlike student interns are paid. But that can depend on whether the employer believes if unpaid internships are unethical or they just want to compensate.

The thinking that internships for non-students are a bad idea should be done away with because they can present the opportunity for a successful career path or career rebut. 

How to get Internships as a Non-student?

Even though most companies expect interns to be students, there are still opportunities for non-students to work as interns.

The most important thing is to achieve internship success and make the whole experience worth it. To get an internship as a non-student you will need to do the following:

1. Reach out to your network

As a non-student with an employment history, reach out to people that he interacted with before because they might have a lead on companies that are looking for interns.

People who are familiar with your skills and work ethic can easily land you internship opportunities in companies that they are close to. 

2. Apply for internships

Most companies will always advertise positions for interns. Therefore, provide relevant qualifications and wait for whether the company calls you or not.

If you really need to work in a certain company that has not advertised for any internship positions, just apply and try your luck.

Sometimes managers don’t realize they need interns in their businesses and with the right display of passion and explanation of the uniqueness you can bring to the business you can probably be hired. 

3. Join a professional organization


As a non-student working in different industries, you should always look for professional organizations you can join.

Other than helping grow your network and learn about your industry’s updates, you will have first access to available internship opportunities you can apply for. 

4. Contact the career service at your former institution. 

The college or university you studied at is probably looking for internship places for their students and by contacting them they can help you secure one or at least point you in the right direction where you should focus your search. 

How to get no Degree Internships?

To get internships when you have no degree or not studying for one you will need to do the following:

1. Join clubs or volunteer

Without a degree, you will need to increase your chances of landing an internship. Joining a club can help you use that club’s name if trusted by employers to earn an internship opportunity.

Volunteering and doing the work for free is another way that you land the internship because the company or organization does not have to risk anything.

2. Start networking

Sometimes it is not about what you are good at or what you know but who you know. Having friends in high places in the competitive world today is very important.

Therefore, if you have established friendships with people from companies that you are searching for internships in, you are likely to get the opportunity. When you meet CEOs of companies or other senior employees it is important that you leave a good impression.

3. Emphasize your skills

In the world today, people with no fancy academic qualifications are equipped with proper skills more than those who have.

Therefore, when looking for an internship with no degree always make sure that you emphasize on your skill set and what you will bring to the organization.

If you are more skilled than your competitors who have degrees then you are likely to land the internship opportunity ahead of them.