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How to succeed in an Internship: Tips and Advice to Interns


Do you already have an internship opportunity and wondering how you will make it a success? The secret is to do things that will ensure you appropriately practice your career field, build skills, and gain a little experience.

It also ensures you earn a chance to be employed full-time by the company after the completion of the internship. This article will look at tips that you can use to make your internship a success as well as guide you on what to do. 

How to Succeed during an Internship

The following are tips that will help make your internship period a success

1. Meet all your co-workers

Succeeding an Internship

It is good that you introduce yourself to everyone in your working department to prevent any awkward moments.

You may not be working for them but in the end, you will need a proper recommendation from some of the co-workers.

The more you are familiar with employees and supervisors, the more they will be familiar to your work and character. This increases the likelihood of a proper recommendation. 

2. Be professional

It is important that you take note of how you present yourself among your co-workers, supervisors, and bosses.

This involves the type of language you use in face-to-face communications and emails, the attire you dress into work, and how you address concerns or misunderstandings within the workplace organization.

You should always use official languages only, dress in official attire and properly use the HR office of the organization to address issues.

Professionalism also involves the basics of common courtesy such as follow-ups, follow-throughs, being punctual, and saying thank you. 

3. Watch and learn

Do not pretend that you know everything to do at the company that has offered you an internship opportunity. Even after orientation, it is important that you watch and learn.

This will help you understand the working culture of the company that you should apply in every task you are undertaking.

Watch all the routines of the organization and read all their material including procedures and policies to make sure that you act according to their stipulated rules.

To easily watch and learn, you can ask to sit in meetings or shadow other employees. This is the fastest way to learn about the ins and out of the business. 

4. Set goals

When you are at an internship, there are goals that your supervisor needs you to achieve. Therefore, before even you begin the internship you should know them so that you can work towards their completion.

There are daily goals and weekly goals that you should accomplish. Therefore, always ask for feedback from the supervisor to confirm whether you are on the right track.

Also, come up with your personal goals that you need to complete to term the assessment as successful and work towards their fulfillment

5. Stay organized

During meetings, always make sure that you are noting the key points down. When assigned many tasks always prepare a to-do list and make sure that you are aware of the deadline.

Also, all records should be observed and maintained in accordance with workplace policy. Always keep an eye on how data and files are stored to avoid misplacing them when tasked to do so. 

6. Keep busy

Always keep yourself busy. Do not idle around even if there is no work to do. In case things are slow, ensure your supervisor knows about it and ask other employees if they need help in what they are doing.

To avoid being idle always choose projects or tasks that will take time to complete. To receive a good recommendation at the workplace you must do grunt work and be more enthusiastic in doing it. 

7. Manage your time properly

Make a plan about how much time you need to do certain tasks to avoid dwelling more on some and neglecting others. Always be on the time frame you set for each task.

The harder tasks should always be allocated more time and the easier tasks less time. This will help complete all your tasks on time.

Once you complete your work always ask for more instead of idling. If you are exhausted and feel that your productivity is limited, talk to your supervisor to limit your workload.

8. Keep track of your project

Always keep track of all the tasks you are assigned so that discussing progress with your supervisor will be easy. It will also help you remember everything you have learned for easier assessment by your professor.

Always make sure that everything you take from work to prove that you have performed a certain task is allowed by the company. 

9. Reflect on your experience


Even before the assessment by your school professor, ask your supervisor for a comment on your performance so that you can learn your area of strength and areas that need improvement.

Also, reflect on all the skills you have gained during the internship and update your resume and curriculum vitae.

The experience you have gained is valuable even if you decide to choose a different career path later in your life. 

Tips on What to do during Internships

Internships are good for everyone. In fact, internships are for both students and non-students and can help you gain skills. If you have earned an internship opportunity, you can do the following to make your experience successful:

1. Always be available

As an intern, all you need to do is avail yourself everywhere that you are needed to be. The work you do is at the discretion of your supervisors. All activities that they assign you should be done without hesitation or complaints no matter the time. 

2. Ask questions and take notes

As an intern do not be afraid to ask questions of things that are not clear to you. that is the only way you will get clarification and do things properly.

Also, make sure that you are taking notes. It is a good way to show that you are paying attention to what you are being told. Take notes when speaking to seniors and during meetings. 

3. Offer help on additional projects

Mostly as an intern, your duties and task are always simple and you can complete them easily. Instead of idling after completing your work, offer to help other employees with their work.

This will show your dedication to the company and show that you are serious about the internship. As a result, your supervisor will be impressed. 

4. Expand your network

During internship build relations with employees at all levels. This can open more opportunities for you after completing the internship.

Make sure that you are interactive and let people learn your perspective on various things as much as you are also learning from them.

Also, make sure that you know other interns because they are the people with you who will grow within your career.

5. Stay focused

Succeeding an Internship

Always make sure that you are totally focused on your work. Ensure you avoid distractions such as social media and chatting with friends.

This wastes time and makes the wrong impression on your supervisors. To prevent these distractions, keep your mobile phone away or put it on “do not disturb” mode.

Also, avoid visiting web pages that are not work-related on the company’s computers. 

6. Be open to feedback

Always ask your supervisor on a weekly basis how you are performing. Through this, you will get to know what you are doing better, what you are doing differently, and what you can improve on.

The input that you receive will help you grow and become more effective hence increasing your chances of a successful internship.

Always try to incorporate feedback into your work to show that you are open to criticism and willing to learn.